Workshop: London #1

Last Tuesday we spent a few hours on a very warm evening in the offices of Go Free Range London, for our first Workshop.

The group were a diverse bunch covering crafts from beer brewing, theatre production, content strategy and software development and each attendee had a wide range of experience with making things happen.


The goal of the workshop was to gather insights, stories and opinions on our top chapter themes: What can go wrong and when not to use Agile; Agile UX and design; and Agile at scale, Planning, tracking and reporting.

And well, we certainly gathered a lot of info. Everyone was keen to share their experiences with each other and we weren’t short of points on post-it notes. Due to time constraints and the (often very interesting and helpful) tangents of conversation in the group, we decided to drop a topic mid-way through the workshop. We’d like to tackle the topic we missed – agile at scale – via one-on-one interviews with people who are trying it out (if that’s you, please get in touch). We’re considering tackling less topics next time so we can plan for these useful meandering threads of conversation.

Next steps for us will be to write up, filter and distill these insights into a format that will help us compare the London workshop data with our future workshop data.

The next workshop will be held in Bristol and we are keen to hear from you if you want to get involved.


HUGE thanks to our workshop participants: Tom StuartJohanna KollmanSarah Butcher, Jesy WittebortStuart CullumChris RoosNeil HinchleyElizabeth McGuaneAanand PrasadMat Munro and Elvia Vasconcelos who all bared their souls and shared their own stories of making things and getting things done.

Project Drivers, Hopes / Fears / Mitigations and Roles

OMG! We’re writing a book!

As promised, we intend to blog about our process of writing the Minimum Viable Book and this is the first of many posts to come. It felt right to kick off our process with an activity to understand why we want to do this project, so today’s post explains how we captured these insights.

The first workshop

The first activity from our agile toolbox was a post-up brainstorming session which we completed together in Amy’s kitchen. We agreed on a few topics to cover that would help us understand why we want to do this project and what we hope (& fear) the outcomes will be.

The topics we selected:

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