Issue 05: The Physical Product Revolution – Primer

Can drones save the planet?
Fighting slow innovation in commercial aviation to save us from environmental catastrophe

  1. A320 Family Information
  2. Airbus Global Market Forecast
  3. An Analysis of Airplane Retirements
  4. Achievements in Human Powered flight
  5. Analyzing Next Steps, Airbus Chief Is Closely Watching Google and Facebook, The New York Times

Prototyping in public: crowdfunding your way to a minimum viable product

  1. 5 years of Kickstarter
  2. MakerBot projects on Kickstarter
  3. The Coolest Cooler
  4. Supermechanical
  5. Kickstarter stats
  6. Kickstarter rules
  7. How a failed Kickstarter campaign led to Kickstarter sucess
  8. Ginkgo umbrella
  9. Kickstarter Project shipping
  10. Kickstarter is not a store
  11. When Kickstarter investors want their money back