Minimum Viable Book is a project between Amy Wagner and Emily Webber. We’re writing a book about people who make things happen.

We’ve been travelling the world talking to people and collecting stories from inventors, creators, builders, learners, strivers, doers and dive-right-in-ers. We’re learning and writing about our process as we go, and releasing our content in stages.

In the beginning…

We originally wanted to write about Agile and Lean techniques using practical examples from all kinds of projects in all industries, minus the theoretical jargon.

We started by exploring our own drivers, hopes and fears, then asking our network in the Agile, Lean and ‘maker’ community what they were most interested in reading about. Once a few broad themes were established, we held group workshops and 1-on-1 interviews to discover fascinating stories, tangents and examples inspired by those themes.

During our research and discovery, we’ve shaken off the shackles of the Agile and Lean language. We’ve found that the most interesting inventors, creators, builders, learners, strivers and doers have often never heard of or used the theoretical jargon – because they’re too busy doing.

The alpha

We released an online, invitation-only alpha version of the Minimum Viable Book in 2014. This helped us test our content formats and topics to see what was most appealing to our audience. The Alpha experiment gave us extremely valuable feedback from our ever-growing community to guide us in the next stages.

The beta

We are close to the release of a beta version of the Minimum Viable Book, and this will be available to buy in a printed newspaper format. We’ve listened to our Alpha feedback, and decided to include many more in-depth examples, analysis and visuals around a central theme that ties the narrative altogether.

In this first newspaper issue, we’ll be featuring stories that explore the positive force of 3D printing on hardware innovation and traditional industries; plus, the links between iteration and diminishing improvement of technology in large organisations. And so much more!

Join us!

If you’d like to contribute in anyway, we’d like to hear from you, please drop us line.

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