Chapter Themes

This week we spent some time workshopping chapter themes and now we would love your input.

These chapter themes are going into a list we’re calling the Chapter Backlog. We’ll add ideas and hone this list all the time, but we’d like you to prioritise them for us. We are writing this book for you afterall.

The current Chapter Backlog is below and this is your chance to tell us what you most want us to write about. If you think we’ve missed something important, then please feel free to add a comment.

  • Getting started with agile: When you’re an Agile newbie, you have to start somewhere. We’ll explore how to get started.
  • Planning, tracking and reporting: Waterfall isn’t the only way to get the governance processes your Stakeholders need. We’ll explore what you can do to measure progress, gauge insights and how to constantly learn as you go.
  • All the methodologies: Scrum, XP, KanBan, Sprints, Stand-ups, Velocity… Eeks. What do all the Agile terms mean? Which term belongs to which methodology or is it just a buzz-word?
  • Agile UX and design: How can UX and design fit with agile development? It does, we promise.
  • Agile Everywhere: Using Agile outside the world of software development to manage your project or even your household.
  • What can go wrong and when not to use Agile: The warning signs and when Agile doesn’t fit.
  • Agile at scale: Implementing Agile to manage a chunky programme, portfolio or organisation.
  • Agile characters: The good and the bad folks you’ll meet along the way and how to get through.
  • How to sell Agile to your boss and to your clients: We’ll help you convince others that it’s a good idea.
  • Why people do Agile: We’ll explore the motivations and the reasons. Because it’s cheaper? Because it’s less risky? Because all the cool kids are doing it? Because you get a better result?

The poll is now closed. The results are over here.

In our next post, we’ll announce our first Minimum Viable Book chapters and our first 4 workshop dates. Exciting!

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