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Amy Wagner

The people of the Minimum Viable Book


We have never, ever had a bad interview for the Minimum Viable Book. No really. I leave every interview with a little buzz on, saying “one more thing!” and “I can’t believe our time is already up!” Writing these ‘making of’ posts – and writing our actual book – has really made me pause and Read More

Making-of stories on the horizon


Hello Minimum Viable Book followers, it’s me Amy, checking in to tell you what we’ve been up to over the past few months. While we’ve had our heads tucked into all kinds of weird and wonderful interviews, we realise we’ve left you all patiently waiting in the dark, sorry about that. To make it up Read More

Introducing the Minimum Viable Book Alpha


Over the past ten months, we have travelled to a few spots in the UK, Germany and the United States. We’ve met some truly generous folks who were willing to share their stories about making things happen. We’ve been on a mission to remove the buzz words, copyrighted processes and rigid methodologies.

Guten tag people who make things happen in Berlin, Germany


Guten tag people who make things happen in Berlin, Germany. We want YOU! We’re looking for volunteers from a broad spectrum of people to contribute to the Minimum Viable Book via interview or by contributing to our workshop at the People in Beta Festival. Whether you make websites, tables, craft beer, policies, software, household appliances, Read More

Hello world


Amy Wagner and Emily Webber are planning to write a book about agile practices. What’s it going to contain? We have an idea, but we don’t know for sure yet.