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Amy & Emily

5 bites of advice for making things


Horray, it’s alpha day! Today we launched a private alpha version of the Minimum Viable Book to around 100 people. We’re testing 10 content items in a few different formats to see what our readers like the most. If you missed out on an alpha invite, don’t dismay. We plan to open up a few Read More

Austin Adventures


Our Austin Texas adventure started when we waved goodbye to a rainy London on Saturday morning, only to be greeted the craziest thunderstorms and flooding on Saturday evening and a fantastic temporary home in Hyde Park. Austin was all about the food and the people. Over the course of a very fast week, we indulged in some Read More

Guten tag people who make things happen in Berlin, Germany


Guten tag people who make things happen in Berlin, Germany. We want YOU! We’re looking for volunteers from a broad spectrum of people to contribute to the Minimum Viable Book via interview or by contributing to our workshop at the People in Beta Festival. Whether you make websites, tables, craft beer, policies, software, household appliances, Read More

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