Minimum Viable Book

Minimum Viable Book is a project between Amy Wagner and Emily Webber. We’re writing a book about agile & lean practices, in an agile & lean way.

The plan is to gather the best bits from Agile & Lean to create a toolkit, stitched together with a concise story about our – and your – collective experiences. We will strip away the buzzwords and help people understand the benefits of a course correcting approach by exploring the tools and techniques used by folks on all kinds of projects. We’ll also cast our net wider than the digital & software community and gather examples of how people are using these techniques in other industries.

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  • Austin Adventures

    Our Austin Texas adventure started when we waved goodbye to a rainy London on Saturday morning, only to be greeted the craziest thunderstorms and flooding on Saturday evening and a fantastic temporary home in Hyde Park.

    Austin was all about the food and the people.

    Over the course

  • Guten tag people who make things happen in Berlin, Germany

    Guten tag people who make things happen in Berlin, Germany. We want YOU!

    We’re looking for volunteers from a broad spectrum of people to contribute to the Minimum Viable Book via interview or by contributing to our workshop at the People in Beta Festival. Whether you make websites,

  • Calling all those who make things happen in Austin, Texas

    Calling all those who make things happen in Austin, Texas. We want YOU.

    Hmmm that’s quite a broad call-out, isn’t it? Well yes, we want to talk to broad spectrum of people. Whether you make websites, tables, craft beer, software, household appliances, art or ice cream – we’d like to

  • Workshop: Bristol #2

    Last Thursday we held the second Minimum Viable Book workshop in the very wonderful Pervasive Media Studio in Bristol.

  • Workshop: London #1

    Last Tuesday we spent a few hours on a very warm evening in the offices of Go Free Range London, for our first Workshop.